Read Along.

Stock up on our newest collection for the summer read along.

How It Works

Starting on June 7th, Our Read-Along will explore each book week-by-week, starting in June and ending just before Labor Day.

We'll feature special content from authors to help kickstart important, challenging and empowering conversations all summer long.

Week 1, June 7

We're kicking off with A Kids Book About the Tulsa Race Massacre, which launched on June 1st.

This week you can listen to the author, Carlos Moreno, on A Kids Book About: The Podcast (subscribe today wherever you listen to podcasts!) and download the ebook for FREE here.

Week 2, June 14

This week we're featuring A Kids Book About Diversity by Charnaie Gordon.

Charnaie is a Diversity and Inclusion expert who is also a member of the National Advisory Board for Reading is Fundamental for their Race, Equity, and Inclusion (REI) initiative.

A Kids Book About Diversity offers an understanding of diverse aspects in life and celebrates these differences, encouraging an active embracement of different experiences.