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Great conversation starter

Great books!

Great Teaching experience

I have two mixed children and this book was a good way to start the conversation about things they may experience as they get older. We were able to have a conversation about how they have experienced this privilege at school and how it makes them feel for themselves and their peers.

Grandson Gift

I ordered this for my grandson and his mom gave it a 5 star review.

Helpful for Readers & All Ages Being Read to!

This book is good for many ages, life situations, appreciated by those reading to young one

Good book

My kid is still a little young (3.5yo), but we look forward to reading it more (and coloring it) once he is 4 or 5.

Too many words for a kids book

I was very disappointed with the book. It is not a children’s book, it is written in a simple manner but not really directed in any children that I know. I’ve been working with children for 24 years and I can’t see how I could use this book. I actually have a couple of teenagers that I would use excerpts of the book to help them understand the concept of optimism so for that I thank you

Loved it

Great conversation starter. Kids were in to it.

Empathy book

Love this book so much!! Love incorporating these valuable lessons into our daughter's life.

Purchased this book for a 10-year-old boy but found it’s also appropriate for his 8-year-old sister on the loss of their grandfather. Clearly outlines a difficult topic and provided an opening for further discussion at their level. Wish there was a book such as this while I was growing up at a time when death wasn’t talked about.

Good book for kids dealing with change but also teaches kids to be empathetic with other children who have moved in from another country.

A Kids Book About Voting

My 8 year old daughter and I stayed on the couch for an hour reading this book just talking about what it stirred up inside of her. THANK YOU!

A Kids Book About Failure

A Kids Book About Death

A Kids Book About Cancer

One of the best Mother and Son Read!!

What a wonderful day to read this book with My Son. Especially when we are trying to make the best out of these crazy times.

A Kids Book About Adventure

Perfect Conversation Starter

I liked how this book was written and laid out so much that I bought another one to give to my nephew. I would highly suggest this to any family wanting to talk more about race and racism. I would also highly suggest white families also get White Privilege to further the conversations.


My 8 year old cries every time she is losing a game or has a hard time with something. We've only just begun reading this book, but we will be taking it out every time she has a meltdown until she gets that "Failure does not mean that SHE is a failure."

Amazing for kids AND adults!

I thought these books might go over my kids’ heads a little bit they took so much away from them and have asked to read again! Thank you!

Perfect book for kids becoming tweens

Younger children are so beautifully not self-conscious BUT then all of a sudden they become self-aware that are others are watching them and they being to worry about what others think. This is a perfect book to share just before/as the begins to happen to promote not only self-confidence but also nonjudgement of others.

A Kids Book About Anxiety

A Kids Book About Anxiety

A Kids Book About Disabilities

Only for people who believe

We are raising our child in a secular way with no religion. I felt from the description that this book would be even handed and not talk with certainties about God, but that was not the case. I was uncomfortable reading the book because it made statements I don’t agree with and spoke about people who don’t believe almost as an afterthought. I think a better description of the book contents would have helped me decide whether this is a book I would want as part of our family library.