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I bought this for my 8yo grandson. When I previewed it I found it powerful and engaging. Would definitely recommend

Grandson Loved This Book

My 6-year old grandson loved this book. When we finished it he said to me, “Grandma I am a feminist."

Excellent read!

This was the first book I have ever read with my 7-year-old that did NOT have any sort of images/pictures (I did not know that at the time of purchase). Earlier in the day he had (tearfully) struggled with learning how to ride his bike uphill, so we were able to relate the message of the book directly to that. The discussion we had after reading the book was great, AND he referred to it a few days later after losing a game we were playing. Very, VERY happy with this purchase! Thank you!


LOVED the silly and seriousness of it and the format of the book without pictures

A Kids Book About Belonging


This is a terrific book for all ages. I teach junior high and it’s great for them. Younger and older audiences would enjoy it as well. It’s distinctly fat-positive literature which can be hard to find. I love the unapologetic message of self-acceptance. Everyone needs more of that!!!

Reading with 7-year old

Loved reading this with my 7-year old granddaughter. Sparked wonderful conversations about our being White and how to be allies.

a kids book about body image

My daughters loved it!!!!

So excited to gift this book!

I am so excited to gift this book to all the kids in my life. Thank you!

Many Thanks

This book series is much needed and long overdue. My family, kids ages 10 and 13, both found a A Kids Book About Gratitude to be thoughtful and engaging. As a mom, I'm deeply grateful for this series and I look forward to collecting all of the books!

A kids book about racism

We love this series . So far have 8 books and in my opinion these are all must haves to be included in your children’s library. Racism, Such an important topic to discuss with our kids yet often as parents we don’t really know how to approach it. This book offers a great introduction to get the communication going with your children. We love it and totally recommend it to all children to read with their grown up 💜

Definitely for small kids

I got these for my kids who are young tweens but they are really aimed at much younger kids. I’d say 5 - 7 max. That said, they are very simplified for a young mind an an emerging readers. We also were able to have a good conversation about the content, even of much more sophisticated than the book. Now we will gift them to friends of ours with younger kids.

A Kids Book About Racism

going to be very useful

My baby is still very little (five months) but it's important to me to get a stock pile of books and materials that help me teach her about important topics my parents never taught me. I want her to be able to have open discussions with me instead of going in to the world to figure things out on her own. I'm excited to have this in her library and I think it will be really helpful.

Great book for little boys!

My son (6) loves this book. We have read it together several times and it has led to lots of great conversations together.

Recently, we had some friends over and one of the girls (8) said in a joking tone that girls are smarter than boys. My son promptly went to find this book, handed it to her, and told her to read it. He then told me that he had to help her see that actually boys and girls are the same! I was so proud :)

Excellent resource!

Great book, like all the others we have from the collection!

Amazing Book

Really love this book my kiddos have taken to it too.

Love it!

Such an understandable, not scary way of describing anxiety! My 7 year old really liked it and she’s now starting to use anxiety as an agitative to describe when she’s feeling anxious. Where before she would say things like my belly hurts, or something feels wrong. Grateful for this tool for communication!

A Kids Book About Depression

The first book we read

This is the first ”A Kid’s Book About...” book purchased that my son and I read. As he learns to play soccer, keep his cool during jiu-jitsu, then basketball and now reading, I found out about the books right in time. As a clinical social worker who has worked as a behavior interventionist in elementary and middle schools, I know this gentle delivery of the message to ”be kind to yourself, ” resonates with many children. As a father of an almost 6-year-old son of divorced parents who is very hard on himself, I know it resonates with him. Note: we also bought AKBA Racism, Feminism and Body Image. I recommend the books to colleagues and parents alike, and will continue using them as tools in my practice and as a parent.

PS, customer service here rocks, too! My original shipment somehow didn't arrive (perhaps they were stolen), and they were replaced promptly with no questions asked.

AJ Feit, Port Townsend, WA

Wow, just, wow

I know this is a kids book but it transcends age. I think this book is brilliant.

Perfect social skills story

My first graders were rapt while I was reading this to them for the first time. I plan to revisit the story, talk about their experiences, and add a writing element.

Age appropriate and are they in downloadable form?

What ages are these for , particularly the one about belonging? I have a 12 year old I am thinking about, most of the reviews reference younger ages than that. Also, are they available in downloadable format for less price? Thanks.

A Kids Book About Gratitude


myself and my 7 year love this book