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Thorough and Important

Loved this. Read it to my 5 and 8 year old kids. Very thorough. Buy it!

Excellent resource!

Three Book Box

Fantastically written!

Written very well and appreciated by me and my 12yr old daughter. Love this book!

Not what I though

This book was very good if it was for a child that was maybe 10 or so. But not so much for my five year old. I think illustrations or photos may have helped hold her attention better. The way he explained everything was GREAT and I agreed with it all but I definitely had to explain it in more detail. I think a consistent story throughout that showed an example of empathy vs. sympathy would have been fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what the author is doing. I just think a story through the eyes of a young child might have helped this a bit.


I absolutely love these books. The authors do a great job talking about hard things.


These books are fantastic!!!! Awesome!!!! Brilliant!!! They are easy for beginner readers to read; yet, they're so perfect for adults as well.


I am a clinical social worker and work with children going through oncology treatment. This book is fantastic for them and their siblings!!

Such Important Content

We received “A Kids Book About Racism” as our first One Box Book subscription and I love it!! As white kids, my children need to know, in terms they can understand, what racism is and how they can recognize it and work to stop it. This book is perfect for just that. We are all looking forward to our next book!

One Book Box

A kids book about systemic racism

Grateful for this book! This book is great at sharing this wisdom and making it easy to understand for my 6 year old. We bought it along with a kids book about white privilege. It is important to start these conversations at a young age.. these books are a wonderful way to bring awareness!

What a great tool

This is such a great way to introduce difficult topics that nobody wants to talk about difficult subjects that need to be addressed. Highly recommend to any parent, grandparents, counselors or or teachers. Affordable prices too

Way to spark conversations!

I purchased one book, then I ordered the 2 box. I hoped that I would get books that went with the one I purchased and I did. These books have already made a huge impact on our lives. Thank you so much!

Although the content of this book is good my 5 year old and I were not drawn to this book due to the lack of illustrations. I feel this could be made much more interesting and helpful to children if there were pictures.

I love these books

I've been receiving the 3 book bundle for several months and we are amassing quite a collection. My kids are very young and haven't started reading them yet but I read every one we get. The value of the bundle is great and the quality of the books is amazing. I can't wait to put these onto our shelves when my kids are older for them to read over and over at their own pace.

Didn't cover what I wanted it to cover

Hi, I hate to give a less than stellar review, but this really didn't get at the causes of systemic racism. It was more of a personal take. There's room for many books on this topic.The book called The Cycle of a Dream: A Kid's Introduction to Structural Racism in America brought up a lot of the right things to explain it.

I love these books, the company and the team behind it

We've gotten this book and several others from the company and we couldn't be more thrilled with the quality of the book, narrative, authors, and all the attention to detail plus the excellent customer service. Love AKBA

Good for older kids

This was great for upper-elementary kids. However, I was hoping for something for kids a bit younger. With the focus on early intervention and early diagnosis, helping peers and siblings get more information is key. The concepts work well for kids of all ages, but the distinction between which person is talking/narrating was hard for my neurotypical kindergartner to grasp. That piece was also distracting for me as an adult.

I love it!!

Great info for my little guy !

Great book for lil kids and big kids on corona

A Kids Book About Racism

We love our monthly subscription to a kids book about. Our daughter enjoys learning about these different topics and giving us introductions to these very important topics. We thoroughly enjoyed our book on Racism and getting to discuss this topic with our daughter. It was well written and informative and written for her understanding.


My son really liked the book. It got him asking good questions about the topic.

A Book About Racism

Practical, applicable, easy read! Shared the resource and the same week, a friend used your youtube video for children's story at church!

Awesome books

In our first book box we got racism and creativity. The books are so well written for children. I am very happy with my subscription and cant wait for my next two books

Great books

We love this subscription. My 7 and 8 year old look forward to it every month!