Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I get 40% off my order? 

Just add three books to your cart, and then the magic happens! P.S. You get 40% off your entire order when you do this, so every book you add is discounted, too.

I made a mistake on my order. Can you help?

We’d love to help! Whether it’s changing your order or canceling it altogether, just send us an email at with your order number, and we’ll reply right away!

Who do I talk to about returning or exchanging a book? 

Send an email to with your order number, and we’ll help you out!


When do I get my Pre-Order books? 

Pre-order books are scheduled to ship out in January 2020.

Why did I get an extra charge for shipping? 

When you order both pre-order and ready-to-ship books, it requires two shipments. We cover the first one with our “Free Shipping," but we have you cover the second.


Is shipping free? 


How fast is free shipping? 

On average, books that are ready to ship take about 3-8 days to get to you after they are shipped out.

Is there a faster shipping option? 

Yes! At checkout you can pay for expedited shipping that delivers in 2-3 business days. 

Do you ship internationally?

Not currently, but we hope to in the future. Send an email to, and let us know which country you hope we'll ship to next.

Gift Cards

How do I redeem a gift card?

Just use the code sent to you via email during checkout to redeem your gift card.

Can I send my gift card to someone else?

Yes!  You can share the link to the gift card, forward the email, or print out the code old fashioned style and hand-deliver it.  It’s up to you!

Can I combine my gift card with a bigger purchase?

You bet.  

Do you still get the 40% discount when you use the gift card?

Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Bulk Orders

Do you sell bulk orders for schools, libraries, or nonprofits?

You bet we do! We’d love to see our books making an impact in your community by being available at schools, libraries, or nonprofits. Send an email to to start the conversation!

What about bulk orders for Book Stores?

Send us an email to start the conversation! 


Are your books all hardback? 


How big are your hardback books? 

They’re all 8 inches x 10 inches. 

Where are your hardback books printed? 

In the U.S.A. 🇺🇸


What format are your eBooks in? 


What devices are your eBooks compatible with? 

Our eBooks are compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices only.

Why does your eBook look weird on my Kindle? 

Currently, our eBooks are not compatible with Kindle devices.  

How do I download my eBook? 

When you make your purchase, a download link with load right on your order page.  Just click that and download the ebook on to your device.  You’ll also receive an email with the download link.  

Press & Reviews

I’d love to review one or all of these books, who do I talk to? 

Just send an email to, and we'll get the conversation started.

Authors & Book Topics

Can I write a book? 

Have an idea for a book you'd like to write? Send us an email so we can get to know you! 

You should write about ________

Wanna fill in the blank there? We'd love to hear what our next book topics should be about! Send them our way!