The first collection in our A Little Book About series encourages our youngest readers (aged 0-4) and their grownups to have engaging conversations.
Courtney Ahn

Author of A Little Book About Activism

Courtney is a Korean American designer and illustrator. She is known for her playful and thoughtful artwork surrounding topics such as social justice and antiracism.

Rick DeLucco

Author of A Little Book About Bravery

Rick is dedicated to creating joyful imagery, using his skills as a graphic designer and illustrator to showcase his creativity.

Jonathan Simcoe

Author of A Little Book About Curiosity

Jonathan is endlessly curious, exploring creative channels through technology to discover the world’s mysteries.

Stephen Green & Edmund Holmes

Author & Illustrator of A Little Book About Family

Stephen is a former banker and father of three, and Edmund is an artist who uses his skills to spread positivity.

Jelani Memory

Author of A Little Book About Fear

Jelani is a dedicated writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller (and a proud Portlandian).

Duke Stebbins

Author of A Little Book About Sharing

Duke is an Oregon-based designer whose sharing skills have been honed by his twin brother and 4 older siblings.