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Racism, feminism, and belonging — these are some pretty tough topics to discuss with your kids. But our kids are ready to have the conversation. They’re at that age when they soak up EVERYTHING, so there’s never been a better time than now to bond with them over a book and teach them something that will make them feel empowered.

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Designed to empower

As a dad of a blended family (4 white kids, 2 brown kids), Jelani Memory knew that racism was a topic he’d have to address. Discussing such a heavy topic with his kids, though, seemed almost impossible — and a little uncomfortable. So he decided to write A Kids Book About Racism.

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Written with kids' needs in mind

Different families are ready for different conversations, so we’ve put together an entire library of books that cover topics such as Racism, Anxiety, Empathy, Gratitude, White Privilege, and more. Choose whatever topic you like for whenever you and your family are ready.

A kids book about

Yes, this really is a kids book about racism. Inside, you’ll find a clear description of what racism is, how it makes people feel when they experience it, and how to spot it when it happens.

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A kids book about

This is a book about anxiety. Having anxiety doesn’t just mean you feel nervous sometimes or need to calm down. It means having an uncontrollable feeling that gets in the way of what you normally do. This book explores what anxiety is like and what life can look like when you’re able to manage to live with anxiety.


A kids book about

This is a book about empathy. Feelings aren’t always easy, especially when they are other people’s. This book teaches kids (and grownups) how to feel “with” someone, and not just for them.


Meet our authors

We’ve teamed up with some of the best writers and thinkers to create books meant to foster important conversations between kids and their grownups. Our authors draw upon their own diverse backgrounds, unique perspectives, professional expertise, and past experiences to tell life-changing stories.

Jelani Memory

Jelani Memory is an African American entrepreneur, thinker, and constant learner. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and six kids. He still wants to be an artist when he grows up.


Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo is an award-winning pioneer of the youth mental health movement. During his 8 years as Director of Outreach at the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign, he helped create the first youth mental health speakers’ bureau in the country and personally spoke to over one million people. He is currently the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA and CEO of the Human Power Project. He’s using both of these opportunities to change the way communities learn about mental health.


Daron K. Roberts

Daron K. Roberts is a recovering NFL Coach, practicing leadership professor and hopeful triathlete. He averages 100 keynote speeches a year. Daron and his wife corral five children every Saturday during their weekly "Donut Council" outings.


Kids are ready

It’s never too early to start the conversation about racism, and this book was written to be an introduction for kids on the topic.
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