A Kids Book About Suicide
A Kids Book About Suicide
A Kids Book About Suicide
A Kids Book About Suicide

A Kids Book About Suicide

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Quick Take

We all need a little help understanding suicide—so let’s talk about it.

For Ages 5+

What's Inside

We tend to avoid talking about the things that make us uncomfortable, suicide is one of those topics. A lot of us feel it’s a conversation that’s too much for kids to handle but talking to kids about suicide is a foundational conversation that will equip them for the rest of their lives. This book will help give kids a foundation to begin to understand suicide and start an open conversation with the people in their lives about life and death.

About the Author

Angela N. Frazier, MPH, is a speaker and mental health influencer. She received her bachelor’s of science in Health Sciences and Communication from Portland State University and holds a master’s in Public Health from UTHealth School of Public Health. In 2017, Angela founded an organization, Sisters in Public Health, to connect all women in public health. 

Book Details

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-71-4
Printed in the USA

Copyright 2020
Designed in Portland, Oregon